Friday, 5 October 2012

10 Interesting Facts About Reggae

1.The richest living reggae artist alive is Shaggy who is worth $22 Million. This is a big surprise as I wouldn't of had him down as my number 1 reggae artists. But I suppose he did sell out and make pop tunes.

2. If Bob Marley was still alive he would be worth $130 Million. This is an incredible fact, Bob was so influential that even after his death he inspires millions. His net worth is more than the top 10 richest living artists combined.

3. Bob Marley has 11 legitimate children to several woman and 2 illegitimate children not registered on the Marley Website. This is amazing how the women put up with it, he was sleeping with other woman whilst married. But this is only looked down on in western culture. Rastas believe in free love.

4. Reggae was invented partially by an accident, their was reverb on the amp which mimicked the chord on the offbeat. This is where reggae came from.

5. Best selling Reggae Album of all time is Bob Marley Legend album. This is the most popular reggae album world wide as well. Its amazing how one man can have so much influence on the world.

6. The majority of the old reggae artists from Jamaica were shot in gang related incidents. Which is shocking. Even Bob was shot but survived. I knew jamaica was rough but I didn't realise how much trouble actually goes on until I watched the Marley Documentary.

7. There are over 200 Reggae Festivals world wide each year. The majority are in the USA. 

8. There are over 15 Music forms that have been derived from reggae. It has been a major influence on the music World even today 4 years on reggae is influencing the latest musical craze....dubstep. :/

9. The Queen of England presented Beenie man with the reggae artist of the year award. I didn't realise the queen was involved with this ahah!

10. Bob Marley managed to get the apposing political candidates (PNP + JLP) in 1978 to get on stage during the one love peace concert and shake hands. 


  1. This really helped me out. thanks :)

  2. this didn't really help I asked for facts about reggae music not the people who sang it

  3. this didn't really help I asked for facts on reggae music not the people who sang it. I wanted to know more about the origins for my music homework

  4. I only used some of them since I was using it for my music homework. Everyone thinks of bob marley when it comes to reggae. I'm still deciding whether that's good or bad in my opinion.

  5. very helpful for music homework